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JB Photographics is a Colorado-based creative service provider offering graphic design, website design, and photography services, specializing in non-profit sectors, grassroots organizations and new businesses, as well as proposal graphic design.


Not Your Average Designer

Stand out against your competition! Industries are saturated with competitors, so how do you make impact when there is so much to choose from? I treat each project with a unique approach to flush out the true essence of your needs and what sets you apart. Then we leverage those capabilities to create a robust branding package. Any designer can pull up some clipart and call it a day. But not every designer can offer such a personalized, creative approach to your business.


world class experience

In my 19 years of professional work experience, I have an extensive background working in a plethora of fields. I have traveled the globe as a professional, and I know everything has to have it's place to work effectively, yet as an artist, I understand that such things need to be fluid to accommodate your client's needs. I utilize intelligent design uniting form and function, ensuring the final product's aesthetic is on-point, while maintaining the client's need to fulfill it's purpose.


Versatile And Vigorous

JB Photographics was officially founded in 2020, having had grown out of the need to address a broader spectrum of client's needs. In an industry that epitomizes trends, and change, you need an expert that can navigate this terrain.


If you’re looking for an marketing relationship that you can trust, that practices inspired design and results, then take a look through my portfolio to see a small sample of the work designed for clients' across the globe.

Video by Benjamin

Who We Serve

Though I am a small humble company, I cater to a whole plethora of clientele. Though not limited to, my niche tends to include the following:

  • New/Small Business

  • Grassroot organizations

  • Environmental

  • Tribal

  • Non-Profit

  • Artist co-ops

  • Proposal efforts

  • Event planning

  • Community

  • Education

  • Family

  • Travel

Services Include

... but not limited to



Graphic design, illustration, infographics, proposal, creative direction, Powerpoint, print, logo, branding, advertising, marketing



Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, SEO, social media, banners, Google Business



Family portraits, senior portraits, events, travel, interior/exterior, architectural, boudoir, concert/festival

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